Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Since, Toyo shoji co. ltd. Have been founded in 1972. Along with our corporate philosophy is “shape the ground change the world” as for as, Toyoshoji has been raising with continues innovation
The civil engineering field are order to needs of construction and heavy equipment for foundation work, We already having domestics sales activities to go one step next at all the times. We would like to look back of our simple history, as the construction engineering of civil work. In 1955, we imported Dum Construction and several type of heavy machineries products from abroad, while the start up to measure the significant reduction of the construction period.

After that, the big size dam are establishing for a long time in various places, but the matter of things and problems are solving and improvement of our products by each manufacturer at every domestic areas.

In 1965, while the high growth era has been picked up, The policy of countries Enhancement of infrastructure, The adjustment of social environment as In urban civil engineering and ground improvement construction.

Since 1976 , The LW Association has been organized as a public interest corporation by the “japan association of chemical injection”, The Japan Grout Association is assigning to accomplish current society too.

Coincidently, The ground survey, Slope protection and anchor construction etc. construction quantity also has expanded until not to say that.

Since 1985, In the field of civil foundation work had led to maturity, present technology has been reached in the era of innovation.

The high growth accomplishing society has need a real diverse range, and the origin product development is very essential of outlook for the exact future

we doing the importance of actual experience and performance of up to now, we have positive efforts to the problem and without having to fear the transformation of their own, here is willing to strive to aim to leap as a company can contribute to the creation of a prosperous future.

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